Explore Scientific Filter Set for Moon & Planets - Set 3 (6" Telescopes)

Explore Scientific Filter Set for Moon & Planets - Set 3 (6" Telescopes)


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Moon and Planetary filters help increase the contrast and detail visible while viewing or photographing the moon and planets. Color Filters darken the light slightly, that reaches the eye or the sensor of the camera which helps improve contrast. The result is that your view/picture turns out sharper with more detail.

This set of 4 includes the following filters:

Explore Scientific Filter 1.25" Light Blue No.82A
The light blue colour of this filter really helps improve the detail on the high clouds on Mars and the dark red structures will be shown even darker, so this also works well viewing the big red flecks on the gas planet Jupiter. The rings of Saturn will be accentuated and the structures of the atmosphere on Venus will be even finer.

Explore Scientific Filter 1.25" Violet No.47
The purple filter is perfect for viewing Venus. With this filter, the dark clouds of Venus's atmosphere become even clearer. It also helps increase visibility in the structures of the rings around Saturn.

Explore Scientific Filter 1.25" Light Red No.23
Using this filter, the blue/blue green light is totally blocked. The contrast between the darker and the lighter zones will therefore increase making it very helpful when you view Jupiter or Saturn or even the changing poles on Mars.

Explore Scientific Filter 1.25" Yellow-Green No.11
This filter helps increase the contrast and sharpness when viewing the Moon and also planets such as Mars. On giant gas planet Jupiter, when using the filter, you can start to see the contrasts between the cloud-bands and a lot more detail.


  • Made from high-quality optical glass
  • Filter glass is absolutely parallel
  • All optical surfaces have anti reflex coatings
  • Filter housing from black anodized aluminum
  • Filter threads on both ends (female/male)
  • Multiple filters usage is possible
Whats included:
  1. 4pcs color filter
  2. 4pcs protection-case


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