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Connecting a Camera to your Telescope

In this video we look at the 3 main ways to connect a camera to your telescope, allowing you to take photos and capture some of the amazing views of our solar system and deep space that are visible through the telescope. This video covers the use of mobile phone cameras, connecting a DSLR camera or a dedicated Astrocamera.

(Connecting a Camera to your Telescope:)

Autostakkert Tutorial

Download a free software called Autostakkert which uses a video clip of the Moon or planets to create a much more detailed final photo by stacking the very best frames of the video into a final stacked image. This technique also known as 'Lucky Imaging' provides a much sharper and noise free image than getting a single point and shoot photo of the object.
Tip: Some DSLR cameras record video in a format not recognised by Autostakkert. In this case simply convert your video to a recognisable format using a free downloadable software called PIPP.

(Autostakkert tutorial:)

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