Use of Cookies & Privacy Policy

Use of Cookies & Privacy Policy:

Cookie Policy:
Our website uses web cookies to give you a tailored, personalised shopping experience each time you use our website by remembering your preferences and product searches etc. Cookies are small data files that are sent to us by your computer and which are accessed whenever you visit in the future. This means that certain features on our website will be tailored to your preferences (for example recently viewed products), making the use of our website more streamlined and tailored to your needs.

By using our website, it means you consent to the use of cookies by this website. Of course, you can delete and restrict cookies at any time through your web browser settings control panel. The settings control panel varies depending on your web browser so please see the help section on your browser for more information on how to restrict or delete cookies.

Customer Information:
All customer information such as name, address and email information is collected for the purpose of order processing and will under no circumstances be intentionally released or passed to third party sources. Horizon Astronomy employees do not collect, store or have access to customer credit card or financial information. All credit card transactions are handled by official 3rd Party registered and encrypted merchant services for the purpose of using this website. Horizon Astronomy is not responsible for personal loss, damage or misuse of this service.

Horizon Astronomy is a participating online retailer in the Mastercard & Visa 3D Secure program. 3D Secure is a system designed to protect your Credit Card from unauthorised use. For more information on 3D Secure contact your cards issuing Bank.

Newsletter Subscriptions:
Throughout this website and during the Checkout stage of this website you may be offered the option to opt into our Free Customer Newsletter. Email addresses collected for this purpose will never be intentionally released to 3rd parties and will be used for the sole purpose of including you in our electronic mailing list to inform you of any special offers, promotions or new products. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time.