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Broadband & Narrowband Filters for Colour Cameras
In this article we look at some of the popular light pollution and dual narrowband filters available for DSLR and Colour Astrocameras. We will look at some examples of each filter in use under the stars and some of the benefits these filters offer astrophotographers living in light polluted towns and cities.
TS 61EDPH APO (Triplet) Refractor Telescope
In this review we are going to have a look at the TS 61EDPH APO Refractor Telescope. TS (Teleskop Service) is a German company based in Ransburg Germany. The 61EDPH is a wide field, 6 element, APO Triplet Refractor which includes a reducer and flattener as part of the package and although it can be used quite well for visual Astronomy, it certainly excels at Astrophotography.
Tutorial Videos
In this section of online tutorials we cover a range of topics from basic Astronomy to advanced Astrophotography and image processing. We'll also look at some of the techniques used for basic telescope maintenance or getting started in Astrophotography as well as how to use some of the common image processing software packages available for Astrophotography.
Astronomy for Beginners
The expanse and fascination of space has always been something that has intrigued people for generations. In fact we are living in quite a privileged time where amateurs now have access to extremely high-tech and advanced optical equipment which allows us...
Choosing a Telescope
Choosing your first telescope can seem a little bit complicated in the beginning, especially given the amount of options and types available, however with a little understanding of the basic features and designs, hopefully we can help you make a...
Astronomy Telescope Designs
There are actually many different optical designs of Astronomical Telescopes, particularly for specialised areas of Astrophotography, but its fair to say that the majority of them would fall into the following 3 main categories: Refractors, Newtonian Reflectors & Schmidt Cassegrains....
Telescope Maintenance
COMING SOON In this article we will cover some of the recommended methods used for cleaning telescope optics and mirrors. (Check back soon)
COMING SOON In this article we will cover some of the basic setups and requirements needed for the various forms of Astrophotography. (Check back soon)