Bresser Messier 150 Dobsonian Telescope - 6"
Bresser Messier 150 Dobsonian Telescope - 6"
Bresser Messier 150 Dobsonian Telescope - 6"
Bresser Messier 150 Dobsonian Telescope - 6"
Bresser Messier 150 Dobsonian Telescope - 6"
Bresser Messier 150 Dobsonian Telescope - 6"
Bresser Messier 150 Dobsonian Telescope - 6"
Bresser Messier 150 Dobsonian Telescope - 6"

Bresser Messier 150 Dobsonian Telescope - 6"


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The Bresser Messier 6" Dobsonian offers the performance and qualities rivaling many other more expensive telescopes, in fact there are many dedicated Dobsonian telescope users groups, passionate about these designs and given the outstanding performance of these telescopes and their price, its easy to see why.

The attraction lies in the uncomplicated handling. Simply place the entire telescope on a flat surface and align it to view the desired object. With the 150 mm diameter optics, observation is not limited to the moon and the planets of our solar system - you can look much further into the night sky and observe globular clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

Despite its lower price, it offers a range of functions and quality, which one would expect to find on more advanced telescopes of this type. With an aperture diameter of 150mm and a 1200mm focal length with color-pure mirror optics, observations of the moon, the planets and star clusters can be viewed quite easily. The craters and grooves on the moons surface as well as the rapidly changing shadow cast on the so-called Terminator are particularly exciting targets to view through this telescope. Saturn with its imposing ring structure, Jupiter with the cloud bands and the movement of its easily visible moons, the crescent shape of Venus and the reddish smoldering Mars are also good examples of what can be viewed with this telescope..

In short, this is a telescope primarily suitable for detailed space observations and is an excellent choice for beginners in Astronomy. For stowage or transport the base assembly can be disassembled quite easily and flat packed for convenience.


  • Type: Newtonian Design
  • Aperture: 150mm
  • Focal length: 1200mm
  • Focal Ratio: F/8
  • Maximum useful magnification: x 300
  • Telescope for night and solar observation
  • High-quality Bresser Newtonian optics
  • Ideal telescope for planets, moon, binary stars and planetary nebulae
  • Solar observation possible through the included solar filter
  • Sturdy and smooth-running 2 inch 50.8mm rack and pinion focuser
  • Primary mirror made of special glass with low thermal expansion
  • Easy-to-move metal tube for balancing
  • Dismountable rocker box with accessory shelf
  • Tube mounting on height wheels by means of pipe clamps
  • Use of the optics (OTA Assembly) can also by used on other mounts
  • Adjustment and counter screws of different sizes on the mirror cell
  • Viewing height at the zenith: approx. 115cm (suitable for children)
  • OTA weight: 8.3 kg
  • Base weight: 7.8 kg
  • Total weight: 16.1 kg
  • Dimensions once assembled: 45 x 45 x 128 cm

Whats included:

  1. Dobsonian 6" Telescope OTA
  2. Dobson telescope mount (disassembled for DIY)
  3. Lens Solar Filter
  4. 6x30 Optical Viewfinder
  5. 25mm Super Plössl Eyepiece (Ø 31.7mm / 1.25in)
  6. 1 x Extension sleeve (25mm for 2 inch focuser)
  7. 1 x eyepiece adapter diameter 31.7 to 50.8 mm

Download the Bresser Dobsonian Manual here

    SAFETY NOTICE: Never look directly at the Sun through your Binoculars or Telescope - immediate and permanent eye damage may result. For Solar viewing please ensure you have a dedicated Solar Filter fitted correctly to your telescope.

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