Vixen SXD2 Goto mount with VL200 Cassegrain - 8"
Vixen SXD2 Goto mount with VL200 Cassegrain - 8"
Vixen SXD2 Goto mount with VL200 Cassegrain - 8"
Vixen SXD2 Goto mount with VL200 Cassegrain - 8"
Vixen SXD2 Goto mount with VL200 Cassegrain - 8"
Vixen SXD2 Goto mount with VL200 Cassegrain - 8"
Vixen SXD2 Goto mount with VL200 Cassegrain - 8"
Vixen SXD2 Goto mount with VL200 Cassegrain - 8"

Vixen SXD2 Goto mount with VL200 Cassegrain - 8"


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The Vixen VC200L is designed for longer focal length (higher magnification) imaging and viewing. The VC200L has been also specially optimized for astrophotography and offers a flat field of view thanks to the built-in Flattener lens.

In astrophotography, there are two main types of imaging: Short focal lengths for widefield shots of large deep-sky objects, and then long focal lengths, for objects that are further away and very small - This is where the Vixen VC200L aspherical mirror optics come into play. 

The VISAC primary mirror (= Vixen Sixth-Order Aspheric Cassegrain) is specially designed for astrophotography and provides a completely flat and color-pure image over the entire field of view. This is primarily due to the three-lens field corrector in front of the convex secondary mirror. Although the device is designed for astrophotography, it can of course also be used excellently for visual observation too.

The SXD2 mount comes with the new Starbook Ten controller and the PFL-II polar finder, which allows the mount to be aligned quickly and easily via reference stars. With a combination of the best features of the Sphinx series and the new Starbook Ten controller, Vixen has developed a new generation of SX mounts for demanding observers and astrophotographers alike.

The SXD2 is quieter and quieter in its tracking than the previous SX mounts and the increased precision of the motors allows for improved performance during long exposures in astrophotography. Precision stepper motors and the micro-step motion control system are at the heart of the SXD2, which offer even better performance and response times than other mount models.

The bearings of the R.A. and DEC axes and the worm shafts have been significantly improved to reduce the load on the motors. This makes the movement of the mount extremely quiet and more robust R.A. and DEC shafts increase the performance and overall robustness of the SXD2 mount.

The STARBOOK TEN controller features:

Large LCD color monitor:

The LCD monitior of the STAR BOOK TEN has a 5 inch TFT Color Liquid crystal display with high WVGA (800×480 pixels, 65,535 colors) resolution.

Functional Moon Map:

The latest version of the STAR BOOK TEN firmware includes a "Moon Map" function. This allows the user to view a map of the visible part of the moon on the screen. All major landmarks on the surface of the moon are highlighted and can be selected for the GoTo feature.

Night mode in red:
During astronomical observations at night, the eyes of the observer adapt to the darkness. The observer sees less of the night sky because bright white light reduces this dark adaptation of the eyes. For this reason, the display of the Starbook Ten can be switched to red backlight. The red light does not affect this dark adaptation as much as white light.

Illuminated buttons:
All command and direction buttons can be illuminated in red so that you can keep track even in the dark. The illuminated buttons can be switched on or off.

Fast CPU:

Starbook Ten has a CPU with 324 MHz clock frequency, which is about 5 times as fast as the CPU of the old STAR BOOK. This will make the star map load faster and make the screen more vivid.

Simple menu:
With the STAR BOOK TEN you can call up your celestial bodies in both scope and chart mode. In addition, you can select your objects by scrolling the star map in chart mode. Frequently used menus can be found on any of the ten buttons. This allows you to quickly and easily reach the most important functions directly at the touch of a button.

Object Database:
The STAR BOOK TEN contains more than 270,000 celestial objects, including 258,977 stars from the SAO star catalog, 109 Messier objects, 7,840 objects and NGC 5386 IC objects, the sun, the moon and the planets of our solar system. Simply call the objects with their common names.

P-PEC function:

You can save a periodic error correction to improve tracking accuracy of the mount. This is stored and retained even if you turn off the device and put it back into operation the next time.

On the hunt for satellites:
You can enter the orbital elements of a satellite directly into the Starbook via the LAN connection of a PC. You can store up to 10 satellites in your Starbook.

Viewing Comets:
You can enter the orbital elements of a comet directly into the Starbook via a LAN connection of a PC. You can save up to 10 comets in your Starbook.

User defined objects:
The Starbook Ten is able to save user-defined objects. You can save other interesting celestial objects that you want to observe or photograph on your Starbook Ten. You can enter position data of up to 10 objects directly on the Starbook Ten or via the LAN connection of a PC.

Multiple tracking speeds:
It is possible to change the speed rate according to the type of object you are observing. The movement of the sun, moon, planets or comets can be tracked at different speeds.

Advanced alignment algorithm:
You can achieve an exact alignment of the mount by simply approaching 2 stars with a distance of at least 10 degrees one after the other and saving them. You can enter the position data of up to 20 stars on the Starbook Ten controller.

The more stars you store, the more accurate the positioning of the mount will become. If you save more than 20 stars, existing position data will be deleted The Starbook Ten memory has a large backup storage in which your information can be stored. This allows you to turn off the device and conserve the batteries. When the mount resumes its work, the data remains stored.

Atmospheric refraction:
This option allows you to compensate for or reduce atmospheric refraction on the celestial objects near the horizon.

Cross Over Meridian:
The mount has a safety function that rotates the optical tube in the opposite direction when the observation object comes to its highest position to prevent the optics from hitting the mount. However, you are free to choose or turn off this feature if you want to shoot with your equipment.

Telescope Features:
  • Optical Design: Cassegrain Reflector
  • Focal length: 1800 mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/8
  • Resolution: 0.58
  • Visual limit: 13.3
  • Optimized system for astrophotography
  • Built-in flattener
Mount Spec:
  • Vixen SXD2 GOTO mount
  • Fully automatic finding of objects
  • Polar finder telescope: 6x20mm PFL polar finder
  • Control: STAR BOOK TEN with auto guider input
  • More than 272000 scanned celestial objects
  • Input of orbital data of comets and satellites possible
  • Power Supply: DC12V; 0.4~1.7A
  • Max Payload: 20kg (15kg Astrophotography)
Whats included:
  1. SXG-HAL130 Tripod
  2. SXD2 Mount
  3. STARBOOK TEN Control
  4. VC200L Reflector Telescope
  5. 7x50 viewfinder
  6. 2 counterweights 1.9 and 3.7 kg
  7. Folding mirror
  8. Carrying handle
  9. SLV 20mm eyepiece
  10. SLV 5mm Eyepiece

Download the VC200 Telescope Manual here
Download the SXD2 Mount Manual here


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